Am I a control freak???


Few weeks ago, I watched a movie played by one of my favorite actors, Gerald Butler, along with the star of my favorite TV show (Grey’s anatomy) Katherine Heighl called The Ugly Truth. But, hold on guys. I’m not gonna review the movie. I just want to split my thinking and feeling after watching it.

The story is about a control freak girl who success in work life but not in love life. It happens because many men do not like women control themand the situation too much.

After I watched that movie, suddenly I think,
“Am I a control freak, too?”
That sentence keeps buzzing in my mind. So, I pick up my phone and dial my boyfriend’s number.
“Hey un, am I a control freak?”

I know sometimes I mind something too much. I mean really really much. You can see me wondering too much about the grubby dish in my house that made me can’t sleep, about my clothes and shoes which is mix and match or not, about having a superb trip not including being lost, about a perfect spot to watch a movie, about getting earlier in the cinema because I just crave to watch the trailer before its start, bla bla bla.

I want the whole thing that I’m done is just right. So, it means that am I control freak or maybe perfectionist or both? I think I’m gonna prefer for both of it. I am control freak and I am perfectionist.

So, are you ready with the freak-side of me, un??

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3 Comment

  1. kyany enakan kata2 perfeksionis deh drpd control freak..

  2. weeeeeeeewww….
    mba nobiiii…
    apa kabar dirimu nak??

    jadi aku lebih ke perfeksionis yaa??

  3. ya ini terserah kamu mau terim ato enggak hun..

    dari aku sih bukan masalah control freak ato perfeksionist..
    Gada masalah dengan dua hal itu..
    hanya satu aja pesan ku, ga selamanya apa yang kita inginkan bisa kita dapatkan..

    mungkin aja kamu pengennya mobil audi, tapi kamu dapatnya mobil inova. Kamu harus siap dengan tidak mendapatkan apa yang kamu inginkan..maupun itu value nya lebih kecil atau lebih besar ..

    yang penting kita harus siap..itu aja..

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