Ancaman tambang (read:master) maut


Ketika ia semakin mencekik ku

Apakah aku harus tetap diam?

Atau melawan??

Ps: Dengan segala daya upaya, aku akan tetap melawan… SEMANGAT!


Author: dianmariesta

You can call me Dian, a housewife living in the middle of hustle bustle of Kuala Lumpur but still cannot forget my own “kampong”, Indonesia. Living for more than 10 years in Malaysia still make me a pempek-lover, bakso addict, gado-gado enthusiasts, and bakmi devotee. Photography and writing are one of the things that keep me sane throughout my day as a devoted housewife.

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    Thank you :)!

  2. seutas tambang? jangan dilawan, ntar malah kecekik makin kuat.
    tapi kalau ‘master’…. sorry no comment is much better i guess 🙂

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