And the result is…….


People say, parents know which one is the best for their children
That’s always happen to me.. I mean, A LOT!!!

I know I’m kind a bull-headed person with strong willing but easy to crack inside. I forced myself finding a job while I dont get my certification yet from my university. What I got?? Nothin’.

Nope… Nothing is maybe too harsh. I got quite an experience in being interviewed and having a psycho test (which makes me PSYCH!!) even though until now I cant find any company who would like hiring me.

With so many assumption about this and that, I obtain a conclusion that perhaps being an ’employee’ is not my thing (I mean for now). So, now I continue my study in here AGAIN with full support of my dad. Truthfully, I’m experiencing a dejavu. Same feeling, same hope, same place, and same support from my one and only, DAD.

*Hope I can march through this life tunnel in a successful way like you always wanted me to do dad… Love you :*

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