Arisan! 2

Its such a long time not writing in this blog.. :))

I trap in so many things since I’m doing my master degree. Seems, writing is not my “entertainment” anymore since I’ve done a lot with my ASSignments. Oke, enough with my etc. lets write whats new with me!

I am a BIG FAN of Arisan!. Yup, the movie not the social event. As a customers of Astro, a cable TV in Malaysia, I’m excited to know this movie is gonna broadcast in one of their channel. Its quite advance knowing that this movie is already in here. But whatever! I’m just enjoying to see it. As a movie overall, its not fair to compare it with the 1st movie. Like most of my friends said, “Its not as good as the 1st one. Its different”. Lets face it guys, of course its gonna be different. So many progress in terms of characteristics of the characters. But what makes me shock is an outstanding performance by Rio Dewanto. He just transform from a very gentlemen, and yet sexy, become one of the best “banci” I know so far on movies (of course he could not defeated Didi Petet in Catatan si Boy).

What bothers me is Tora Sudiro. Don’t know why but I think your performance waaaaaayyyy much better in the first one. Please don’t even try to be more “kebanci-bancian”.

As movie goes by, sometimes I feel ‘lost’ in it. I think Nia Dinata do not pour love as much as she did in the first movie. After all, I am still in love and a big fan of this franchise!

Thanks mba Nia for making the sequel!
And thanks Astro for making it happen for me to see!

Cheers.. :))

Dian Mariesta

Author: Dian Mariesta

You can call me Dian, a housewife living in the middle of hustle bustle of Kuala Lumpur but still cannot forget my own “kampong”, Indonesia. Living for more than 10 years in Malaysia still make me a pempek-lover, bakso addict, gado-gado enthusiasts, and bakmi devotee. Photography and writing are one of the things that keep me sane throughout my day as a devoted housewife.

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