Parampaa: distinctive game can make you snigger and blubber

I thought this game will be quite similar with (I played it when I was in 1st year of college). But, Parampaa is more attention-grabbing for your eyes as well as your brain. You will feel more thrilled when you can pass each and every single level (without cheating of course).








Just type on the top of your Mozilla firefox, Internet Explorer, or Opera and get pleasure from the curiosity which will haunted you.






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6 Comment

  1. baru nyampe level 11 nih!

  2. hahahaa..
    ayo daaa..
    dian udah ampe level 40an…

  3. ka ru level 14 ne..gmna?

  4. hahahaha…
    kalo itu mah musti inget warna2 yang ada level sebelum2nya tuh..
    ampe belakang2 juga bakal kepake banyak tuh warna2nyaa..

  5. thank you berry much for the review..

    Keep spreading the smiles.. πŸ˜€


  6. Waaaaaahh gak nyangkaaaa..
    yang punya Parampaa ampe mampir dan menyempatkan diri buat komeenn..


    makasih banyak mas..
    benar2 game yang sangat menantang!!!

    keep up the good or even best work..


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