A day at the First Japanese Tea House in the Tropical Forest

Spending a day at the first Japanese Tea House in the tropical forest is an interesting experience for us. Located in a heart of tropical rainforest inside the Colmar Tropicale, your eyes will be pampered with green trees, fresh air, as well as Japanese ambience. You will feel like you are in Japan.

Like Sir Edmund Hillary once said “It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves”.

Yeah, to reach this Japanese Tea House is like climbing a mountain for me. I might say, it’s not easy. Especially for me who is not exercise regularly. A steep road is the first obstacle in reaching this first Japanese Tea House in the tropical forest. Actually there is an alternative besides this road, stairs which is only reached a half way. Since we have our baby daughter on board, we decided to use the steep road and put her in a stroller and push and push and push. Luckily, we are on our sneakers.

A tiring 10 minutes’ walk to reach the “front door”. Wait up, as we need to take another stairs to reach the Japanese Tea House. Fold the stroller, carry on our daughter and let’s go up!

I will not lie to you, readers. It is exhausting.

But when we reached the tea house, all of the mumbling and cursing are gone. We are amazed with its view. Trees swaying, birds chirping, water splashing, and fish swimming surrounded with a relaxing air. I see many people taking pictures with their loved ones, even using a Kimono that we can rent.

In this location, we can not only find the Japanese Tea House but also Tatami Spa, Botanical Garden, Ryo Zan Tei Japanese Restaurant and Ume Tatami Suite. The entrance fee for this Japanese Tea House is free but you need to pay RM13 for adult and RM8 for child when entering the Colmar Tropicale.

Besides this cozy yet peaceful garden for you to cool down, you may also head to Rabbit Farm to pet some cute animals that can make your kids laugh and learn. Find our story in this link.

We will definitely going back again to this garden!


Bubunnya Aqeela

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