Animal Park at Colmar Tropicale

One of our favorite petting zoo around KL is Animal Park at Colmar Tropicale, Bukit Tinggi. We just need to drive around 45mins from our house to get in touch with rabbit, deer, hamster, or even riding a donkey! It is indeed a must place visit for you who have kids if you are visiting KL.

Entrance Fee

Entering the Colmar Tropicale at the entrance gate, be ready to pay RM13 for adult and RM8 for children. As soon as you arrived at the Rabbit Park, you will need to pay RM4/person. If you want to feed the animals, the price of its food is RM3/packets. The donkey ride is also one of the activities that your kids can do and pay for RM6/child. All of their fee is already inclusive 6% GST.


My baby daughter and my nephew really enjoying their time looking and playing with those animals. This is my baby’s first experience in feeding the rabbits since her first experience is not allowing her to do so as she’s just a little baby back then. They love to feed those rabbits, hamsters, deer and even turtles by themselves. At first, they scared and screaming all over the place. But in a second, they fed and fed and fed them all and finishing the animal’s food that we purchase at the counter in 15mins.

Besides feeding the rabbits and hamster, riding a donkey is a must try for your kids. My nephew really really enjoying his ride, even it is just for couple of minutes. Just remember, this ride is only for kids!

This animal park also have an outdoor and indoor playground. Your kids can play with the swings, slides, seesaw, or ball pool while you sipping a cup of coffee at the café nearby the indoor playground.


Big and leafy tree all over the place, a bit sunny but still you can feel the wind blowing, plus it is so nice and relaxing. A perfect place to soothe ourselves from hustle bustle of Kuala Lumpur.

Quick Tips

  1. Since Colmar Tropicale is bit high, you need to dress your kids properly. It is not that very cold but it is quite breezy.
  2. Bring hand sanitizer. Yes, they provided a soap to wash our hands at the park. But it will be better if we also prepare for hand sanitizer.
  3. Prepare for extra clothes. Playing with animals can be a bit dirty, especially if they get peed by the animals. So always prepare a fresh clothes for your kids (even for you).
  4. If you are travelling with baby, you may take a look at this link for other tips.

Happy petting, readers!


Bubunnya Aqeela

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