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It’s been a long time since I would like to share my delivery cost. I have certain that this fact will be very useful for all of mom-to-be out there because it is one of my biggest concern before delivery here. I try to googled about baby delivery cost in Malaysia but I did not find any resourceful info.

Based on my previous experience, the delivery cost itself in Malaysia is not that pricey. Back in 2013, we choose to deliver at Tropicana Medical Center in Kota Damansara. Yes, it is a private hospital which means the damage cost will be higher than the government hospital.

And we really are satisfied with their services throughout this beautiful journey! So, here are my baby delivery cost including GST in Dec 2013:


Bed Charges: RM 2,014

Delivery Suit: RM 742

We came to the hospital around 9pm on Sunday and check out from the delivery suite on Tuesday around 2am in the morning. So, they charged me for 2 days with RM700/day.

Single Executive: RM 1,272

Since Daanya has jaundice, we decided to extend our stay at the hospital. Supposedly, we can check out on the 2nd day but we checked out on the 4th day. The room charge for one day is RM400.


(Baby) Bed Charges: RM 381.60

Nursery Bed: RM 381.6

Because of the jaundice, the doctor advise us to put Daanya on Photo Therapy at the hospital until her bilirubin number is normal. It made us to put Daanya at hospital for 6 days. The cost for the bed is RM 60/day.


Doctor Consultation/Procedure Fees: RM 1,855

I have a bit of complication during my delivery procedure. My opening is very very slow and my doctor offered me an induction to speed up the process. She also offered me to take epidural before the induction process started. When the delivery process happens, my doctor decided to use a vacuum extraction to help my baby out because she is quite big.

Ob/gyn consultation (2 times): RM360

Forceps/Vacuum Extraction: RM925

Induction: RM350 (my ob/gyn gave me a free of charge of this induction. Yeay!)

Epidural: RM390

Anesthesiologist consultation: RM180


(BABY) Doctor Consultation/Procedure Fees: RM 1,160

Pediatrician Fee: RM 1,440

The doctor check my baby for 8 times and the cost for every consultation is RM 180.

Venupuncture: RM 440

This procedure takes 8 times with RM 55/procedure.

Hospital Services: RM 4,059.73

This hospital services include nursing charge & procedure, equipment rental, IV Fluids, pharmacy, photo therapy & infant warmer for Daanya, laboratory fee and admin fee.


TOTAL: RM 9,470.33


I am sure this number is quite high for some people. Just take note that, what makes my number is a bit high (especially in the hospital services) because we stay at the hospital for almost 7 nights for both me and my baby. In addition, Daanya need to be under the Photo Therapy for 6 days in total. As for the delivery cost itself, it is very reasonable for me given that their services is top notch!


  1. For the personal usage items like sanitary pads or baby diapers, you can buy it earlier and bring it to the hospital later. Since they will cost you a bit higher if you get it from them.
  2. Prepare for an extra cash, especially if there is an emergency action that they need to do. Both for yourself and for your baby. In this time, credit card is really a helper.
  3. The hospital will ask you for a deposit before check in. You need to prepare RM 3,000 and they will just adding up the balance when you check out.

Hope this info will be useful for you, future moms. Happy delivery!



Bubunnya Aqeela

4 thoughts on “Baby Delivery Cost

  1. Biaya melahirkan memang ga murah ya mbak. Aku msh beruntung aja semua biaya lahiran kemarin di cover ama asuransi kantor. Jadi kita ga pusing mikirin itu. Biaya di atas tp thn 2013 ya. Berarti di rp in 32 jt something ya. Aku kmrn total 4 hari, operasi ceasar 36 juta. Tp walo dicover semua ama kantor, cukuplah ga mau lg punya anak ūüėÄ

    1. iya mbaaa setuju. biaya memang gak bisa di prediksi ya. Tergantung ama sikon pas melahirkan. Kebetulan aja ini memang biaya melahirkan saya membludak dak dak dak. Ampe kepala pusing. hihihihihi.. Alhamdulillah kalo kmaren mba dapet asuransi dari kantor ya.

  2. Bener Mbak, kalau mau melahirkan sediakan dana lebih. Saya anak kedua gk terduga eh masuk NICU, alhamdulillah ada aja rejeki. Mungkin emang udah rencana Tuhan kyk gtu ūüôā

    Btw, salam kenal yaaa ūüôā

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