Cape Rachado Lighthouse

As the oldest lighthouse in Malaysia, Cape Rachado Lighthouse become one of the attraction in Malacca. But if you also happen driving around in Port Dickson, visit this lighthouse as well since it only takes 15 minutes’ drive.

When the Portuguese ruled Malacca during the 16th century, they built a lighthouse to guide their ships through the narrow Straits of Malacca and keep an eye out for enemy ships. Cape Rachado is named after the Portugese word for ‘Broken Cape’. The present lighthouse was constructed in 1863, during Malacca’s status as a British-ruled Straits Settlement.

Take a hike for 15 minutes to enjoy the astonishing view from above. You will be accompanied by birds chirping from the tree and squirrels running around chasing acorns along the way. So, do not forget to bring your sneakers and some water.

Circling around the trail to see hidden beaches which facing Intan Island and patches of mangrove swamps near Masjid Island. Bird watching also an activity that people do here, especially during the migratory season of raptors.

When you reach the top, get ready to see a live working lighthouse in front. That makes you cannot explore inside the lighthouse since it is still working until now.



Entrance fee: RM1/person

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