Itinerary and Budget Port Dickson

When I was looking for a short getaway with my hubby and my baby daughter, my mind will always remember Port Dickson. With only 1.5-2 hours’ drive, we can experience the beach, sand, and sun altogether. Plus, travelling with baby is really tiring. Really really tiring. So, Port Dickson is a perfect escape for us from the hustle bustle of Kuala Lumpur.

Day 1

Up up up in the morning! We got up around 6am. After Subuh, I prepare the food and everything that we need along the way. We were ready around 9am and start driving to Port Dickson. Since we cannot check in before 3pm, we were looking for some places that we can visit. So, we were going to Cape Rachado Lighthouse.

Arrived around 11am, we hiked for almost 15mins to the top and snap some pictures. It took around 45mins at this place. Prepare RM1/person if you want to see this attraction.




Hungry! We decided to have a lunch at PD Waterfront, a new upcoming ‘lepak’ space in PD. Approx. 30mins drive from Cape Rachado to PD Waterfront.

Around 2pm, we arrived at our hotel. This time, we chose Avillion Admirale Cove (click this for my review about Avillion Admirale Cove). Check in, straighten out and we even take a shower due to our hike in Cape Rachado. My baby also need a nap before we take her to the beach for the first time. Around 5pm, we were heading to our hotel’s private beach. On our way, we saw some KMX parked in front of the hotel. So, why don’t we try it?




After cycling for around 15mins, we were heading to the beach! This is the first time my baby see a beach. Surprisingly, she really enjoyed her time here. Playing with the sand, bubble and wave. We also even waving goodbye to Mr. Sun before we got back to our room.

Clean her up and we are off to dinner. Lots of places to choose for a quick bite. Thai, Chinese, Malay, Western and even fast food across Port Dickson that you can pick. We were dining at a Chinese Muslim restaurant which is nearby the hotel.

Day 2

After having a very nice breakfast with lots of yachts as our background, we were circling around the hotel and snap some pics. At 9am, we were heading to the beach again to play with the sand!




Since we need to check out before 12pm, we were rushing to our room at 10am and checked out. Unluckily, we do not have enough time to visit the ostrich farm. We wish to go back again soon and explore more!


Quick tips:

  1. Better to come on weekday because there are no one the beach. You will feel like it belong to you!
  2. If you are travelling with baby, take a look at this article for more tips. (artikel travel with baby)
  3. Bring extra clothes since you will play in the beach over and over again.
  4. Sunblock, shades, and umbrella are the things that you will needed most.







Bubunnya Aqeela

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