Lost World Hotel

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As its location is just besides Lost World of Tambun, we do think that Lost World Hotel is our best choice for a 2D1N trip to Ipoh. Since our main destination at the moment is Lost World of Tambun, we pick this hotel instantly and without any hesitation of its looks or what-so-ever.

When we arrived, I was quite shock. With quite a good review from some websites, we do believe that this is a nice 3 stars hotel. From the look outside, it is like a boutique hotel. They are taken up some lots in a shop house just in front of the Lost World of Tambun. What I have in my mind previously is a proper hotel same like the hotel besides Sunway Lagoon. A spacious yet elegant hotel for their Suway Lagoon’s customer. Even though, it is not fair comparing the 5 stars Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa to this 3 stars Lost World Hotel. But still…

I am not saying that this hotel is bad. Absolutely not. Lost World Hotel is not bad but it is quite far from my expectation for a 3 stars hotel.

The lobby is modest yet pleasant and they have a very friendly staffs who always helps us anytime we need. The room itself is fairly big and comfy. Big bed, spacious room, as well as fine and clean bathroom. We were not complaining for the room at all. Everything seems to be in the right place. But when we reached our room from the elevator, we think that we are in a dorm hallway, not that glamorous. But still, this is a 3 stars hotel.

One of the downside of Lost World Hotel is the restaurant which is not inside the hotel. It is located at the theme park. We need to across the street and walk to the restaurant for around 200 meters. But surprisingly, we (especially Daanya) enjoyed this morning walk and the fresh air. The morning breakfast was very satisfying and fulfilling. They have a selections from Malay and Western cuisines to be chose.

If I am going back to Ipoh once more, I will think again to stay in this hotel. It is not because it is bad, it’s just I believe there are some others decent hotel with a better facilities than Lost World Hotel.


Bubunnya Aqeela

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