Raja Tun Uda Library

Raja Tun Uda Library

Raja Tun Uda Library is definitely our new favorite library around Klang Valley. We visited this government-owned library for the first time and we were blown away by its huge space for kids to dive into their thousand and thousand of books. Here are couple of things that you will love or not love about this colorful library:

  1. Located just beside a calm and peaceful lake.

While waiting for your kids to read, you may sit back and relax on their fluffy sofa as well as enjoy the lake view from inside the library. You may find it so refreshing by seeing a breathtaking view of its lake. Even, some of parents and their kids choose to sit on the floor to read, discuss, and study together just besides the gigantic window to get view of the lake.

  1. Huge space.

This really is a contradiction for me. On one side, I love to see its huge space for my baby to browse book easily without any hesitation and not fear that she will be stepped on or pushed back by others, since she is so tiny. Then again, other kids are using this space to running around, playing hide and seek and screaming at each other. If you are willing to come on weekend, just take note that this place is like a playground for some kids rather than a library.

  1. The iconic reading tree.

This enormous tree is located in the center. You may see lots of children sit and read their favorite books. I personally love this spot!

  1. Browse for many collections.

When talking about collections, this library has numerous collections of books. English, Malay and Chinese books can easily grabbed by kids, thanks to the low shelves that help them to reach it by their own.

  1. Take care of your personal things.

What surprised me is the blue bag that they provided before we enter this section. Take off your shoes, put it in the blue bag, and start to walk around the library with it. If you think that this is a bit fussy, they also provided several lockers.

It is a nice afternoon for us. We will go back again and again to this library. Or maybe, next time we will explore other sections of this library which is their 3D and 6D Theater.

Raja Tun Uda Library:

Jalan Kelab Golf 13/6, Seksyen 13, 40100 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia

Phone No.: +60 3-5519 7667


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