Road Trip with Baby: Peninsular Malaysia

Travel with baby is something that is not stress-free. Hassle? Yes, of course. When I was travelling with my baby the first time, it is a horror. I literally pack everything from my home. Everything!

But if you are travelling using your car around Malaysia, you do not need to bring your home with you. Let say, you are travelling from down south until up north. It only takes 8-10 hours’ drive. You will find many Rest & Relaxation (R&R) spots along the way. Mostly, they have a top notch facility for baby, clean and spacious rooms for you to clean her/him up.

Here are some tips for you to travel across the Malaysia using cars:

Car Seat is a MUST

Safety is number one. Install a car seat in your car for your baby’s safety. Plus, you will not get tired easily if you carry her/him for 8-10 hours and your baby will also more comfortable.

Fresh clothes/diapers/wet tissue

Always get ready with these 3 items in your bag and put it inside the car. You will also need a plastic bag to keep the soiled diapers and throw it in R&R.


Some of the R&R here have shower. If your baby need to shower from time to time, drop here and prepare the toiletries.

Happy baby

Keep your baby happy! It is essentials throughout the journey. Toys, books, foods, or snacks are some of the things that will make them happy. Happy baby will not make you tired from 8 hours’ drive. Besides, several R&R also has an outdoor playground for your baby to be play with.



Bubunya Aqeela

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