A Trip to Lost World of Tambun

A bit far instead of Port Dickson, we need to drive around 3 hours up north. Lost World of Tambun is slightly petite if we compare it with its’ sister theme park, Sunway Lagoon. With only RM48/person (my baby is still free), we can play with water, sand, carousel, and even lots and lots of animals.

When we arrived, we decided to see the amusement park first. Carousel is the perfect thing for Daanya to be played with. Even we were the only one riding it, they still operate it. It really feels like it was our own.



Playing with the carrousel

Then, we were heading to petting zoo. They have quite of collections. Snakes, birds, tapirs, raccoons, and even chickens! My baby really enjoying her time in this petting zoo. But the downside is, it is freaking hot when we were there. I was afraid that she will be dehydrated so we decided to go back to hotel and have a rest.



Petting Zoo

After taking some rest, we were heading back again. Please take note that they allowed the customer to go out from the park to check in at the hotel ONLY. But it is a onetime pass out plus we need to get the coupon from hotel for allowing us to enter again.

We decided to go back before 4pm because we really want to catch the tiger feeding show which took around 15mins. Lost World of Tambun have 2 Siberian tigers and incredibly cute. My baby really love watching them in action even though she is so sleepy.



Tiger Feeding Show

After that we want to try the Adventure Express. It is a like a train that took us around and get a quick tour of all attractions in Lost World of Tambun. We were starting from the amusement park, tin valley, tiger valley, petting zoo, and the water park. This ride took around 15mins as well.

Almost 5pm! We were rushing to rent the locker (RM15) and giant tube (RM10 + deposit). The tube itself can only be used until 5.45pm. Means we do not have much time to do with it. But that is okay! My baby really enjoying the adventure river using this giant tube. She loves drifting along the river while Mr. Hubby push us all around.

The kiddie pools also worth to try. Giant tipping buckets, water cannons, spraying elephants, water curtains, fountains, and of course the slides! They also even have a pirate ship that can be played with. We took most of our time in this pools since it is our main destination to come to Lost World of Tambun.

As for the last part, it will not complete if we were not heading to the hot spring. The hot water really soothe us. I love the hotness in the water but I feel is not quite suitable with my baby if she dipped quite sometimes since she has a very dry skin. To close our journey today, we buy some grill corns and heading back to our hotel around 6pm.




What a day!


Bubunya Aqeela

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